Re Zero Season 3 Get Ready for The Epic Adventure With The Official Trailer And Poster!

Re Zero Season 3

Fans of Re Zero were overjoyed when the long-awaited third season of the show was officially announced on the Anime Japan 2023 stage, bringing an end to the long wait since the conclusion of the second season. The list of new anime season renewals for Anime Japan 2023 is growing, and now Re Zero Season 3 has been added, delighting fans all around the world.

Re Zero first debuted in 2016 and has since then captured the attention of many fans. After two successful seasons, the second season concluding in March 2021, the highly-anticipated third season has finally arrived.

The manga adaptation of Tappei Nagatsuki’s original novel, illustrated by Shuichi Taguchi, began serialization on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in April 2014 and has been ongoing since then, with a total of 21 published volumes and 2 side stories (as well as 5 short story collections).

The anime adaptation by studio White Fox was well-received, with the 1st season airing from April to September 2016 and the 2nd season airing in 2 parts: Part 1 from July to September 2020 and Part 2 from January to March 2021. Additionally, 2 OVA episodes were released, and a series of shorts by Studio Puyukai titled Re Zero − Starting Break Time From Zero and Re:Petit − Starting Life in Another World from Petit were released.

Re Zero Season 3 Announcement Trailer

The preview clip offers viewers a glimpse into the upcoming season and introduces the protagonists of the show. Subaru, Rem, and Emilia are seen preparing to take on their foes and defend their town. The teaser trailer highlights the gripping action and intense drama that viewers have come to anticipate from the series, only increasing anticipation for the new season.

News of the production of Re Zero season 3 spread quickly, and fans have been celebrating ever since. Many have taken to social media to share their delight and to congratulate the creators of the show. Although specific details including the staff and release date have yet to be announced, the anticipation for the upcoming season is palpable.

The actors of Re Zero have expressed their enthusiasm and appreciation for the production decision. Yusuke Kobayashi, who voices Subaru Natsuki, said, “Thank you for deciding on the 3rd season of Rezero! The bonds between Emilia’s camp will become stronger, the number of reliable allies will increase, and Subaru will surely be at ease… I didn’t think anything of it! I’m sure you’ll see more hell. But my heart is ready! Let’s resist fate!”

Rie Takahashi, who voices Emilia, said, “On a personal note, Re Zero was always beside my own worries and growth opportunities. I can’t help but be excited about what kind of days are waiting for me by facing this season’s Re Zero. In order not to lose to the more powerful Emilia in the 2nd season, I will challenge with my long-cherished desire!”

Re Zero Season 3 Release poster

New Anime Japan Re Zero Season 3 Poster, Anime Fan Gift

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Overall, the news of the third season of Re Zero has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from fans everywhere. Though there is not much known yet, the teaser trailer has certainly generated buzz and anticipation. Fans are eagerly awaiting further updates, but the production decision is a sign that Re Zero Season 3 will be worth the wait.

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